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Our mission is to share a traditional grilling lifestyle that builds relationships and makes memories


We strive to maintain the historical connection that humanity has had between nature and fire. it´s the culture of sharing with our families and friends a flavor that is wildly unique.

We take each detail seriously at WildBurn so that we can maintain the tradition and flavors of cooking over the fire.

Our Charcoal is quebracho blanco, one of the toughest woods in the world, which is why our ancestors named the wood "quebrador de hachas" or axe breaker.

Quebracho blanco is found in the north of Argentina and is an essential part of the Argentinian grilling experience.

The process of making the charcoal is 100% natural, artisan, and is the same technique that has been used for ages. It is this technique that adds extra flavor to your food when cooked over quebracho blanco charcoal.

Gather your friends and family, throw your favorite meat on the grill, and add flavor to your meal by cooking with Wild Burn lump charcoal.

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+1 2407297745